Quanmin Changdu Bookstore 全民畅读书店

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Photo: Quanmin Changdu Bookstore
Photo: Quanmin Changdu Bookstore
Photo: Quanmin Changdu Bookstore
Photo: Quanmin Changdu Bookstore
Shangzhuang Dajie

Nestled inside a park near the Babaoshan metro station, this bookstore offers not only books, but is also a thriving community space for artists and literary types. It has a regular line-up of literary and lifestyle events that range from fine dining, coffee-tasting, indoor concert, film-screening to boxing lessons although you will need some proficiency in Chinese to participate. It’s an ideal weekend hangout spot to catch up with friends, or make more new ones. It has a wonderful glass ceiling letting in natural light and its space is divided up into smaller rooms and alcoves that bookworms can hole up in for hours.

Venue name: Quanmin Changdu Bookstore 全民畅读书店
Opening hours: 9.30am-9.30pm daily
English address: Langyuan Park, Shangzhuang Dajie, Shijingshan district
Chinese address: 石景山区上庄大街郎园park内
  • 4 out of 5 stars