Insight Books 由新书店

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Photos: Insight Books
Photos: Insight Books
Photos: Insight Books
56 Dongzhimenwai Xiejie

Insight Books is a whopping 1,000sqm space full of books in a warehouse-like setting. Though mostly packed with hip publications in Chinese, its wooden stair seating area encourages visitors to grab a book, relax or people-watch. It also has a cafe that serves up food and drink so that you can hang out there all day. Because it’s huge, it is also really quiet, which makes it a great place to study or do work that requires your total concentration.

Venue name: Insight Books 由新书店
Opening hours: 9am-7pm daily
Mobile: 150 1067 7536
English address: A110, 56, Dongzhimenwai Xiejie, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 东直门外斜街56号, A座110室
  • 4 out of 5 stars