Mofanshuju Bookstore + Poetic Space 模范书局+诗空间

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Photos: Mofanshuju Bookstore + Poetic Space
Photos: Mofanshuju Bookstore + Poetic Space
85 Tonglinge Lu

Formerly the home of the biggest and earliest Catholic church in north China, this bookstore has given the 112-year-old structure a new lease of life. Its wooden arches, domes and glass windows have been carefully restored and made modern, with a spacious interior. A bookstore and a historic attraction rolled into one, it’s worth coming during the weekends just to walk around and take in its majestic interiors.

Venue name: Mofanshuju Bookstore + Poetic Space 模范书局+诗空间
Opening hours: 10am-6:30pm daily
Mobile: 6602 3321
English address: 85, Tonglinge Lu, Xicheng district
Chinese address: 西城区佟麟阁路85号 (中华圣公会教堂旧址)
  • 4 out of 5 stars