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Amy Chung 
30 Sanlitun Rd

Taiwanese denim fiend Samuel Hsin has opened his second apparel shop, Radiance Trunk in Sanlitun, celebrating heritage brands that showcase the best of rugged Euro vintage styles.

It’s quite a different offering from his first shop, Radiance Blue in Shunyi, which focuses on American heritage brands and, of course, lots and lots of jeans. His vintage-styled shop – furnished with beautiful chocolate-hued leather armchairs and tribal printed rugs draped over stained hardwood floors – exudes an aura fit for a Downton Abbey hipster.

Old-school antiques ranging from suitcases and cashier tills can be found milling about, along with vintage mirrors, vanities and desks. Hsin attributes his décor style to his mother, antique collector Rey Huang.

‘Growing up, we had all these antiques lying around the house,’ says Hsin. His mother owns an antique shop in Shunyi, also called Radiance – the flagship that started it all. The mother-son duo scour the globe for vintage treasures.

From London’s Portobello market to brocantes in France, Hsin always has his eyes pinned on items with storied histories, backed by unwavering craftsmanship.

‘It’s a common philosophy they share,’ Hsin says of his curated showpieces in the shop, which also acts as a trunk show from time to time. In one room, Hsin has a Second World War-themed offering of military bags (2,000-4,000RMB) by H&K Leather Workshop.

‘During that time, Europe was short on cotton but they still had to make military bags so they developed a bag that was half cotton, half cannabis fibre [hemp], which are a bit more rough and coarse,’ Hsin explains of the pea greencoloured rucksacks. ‘That’s one of the philosophies of our heritage fashion, too: our designers don’t make it because they look good, they make [a product] because it will last long and be durable,’ he says.

Some of our standout favourites are boots (from 4,000RMB) made by American brand Wesco, which has been making reliable and fashionable footwear for loggers for decades. A massive, caramel-coloured cowhide leather doctor’s bag by LA-brand Sandast (pictured, 18,000RMB) is a classic that can be passed on for generations. Vintage-inspired apparel by British designer Nigel Cabourn, Danish brand Hansen and LA-based denim label Rising Sun can also be found in the beautiful trenches of Radiance Trunk.

Venue name: Radiance Trunk
Opening hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday 1-9pm. Closed Monday.
English address: 102-103 30 Sanlitun Rd
Chinese address: 朝阳区三里屯路30号楼1单元底商
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